Recycling After house Clearance in Cwmbran

Paper & Cardboard

Old Books will be given to Charity.

loose waste will get bailed sperately and recycled

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Typically gets crushed and is remanufactured into fibreglass for home insulation

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The ferrous and non-ferrous metals are transferred to be shredded, and are then exported nationally and internationally for reuse.
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Useable items will be given to charity

typically this will also be seperated (abs,ppe etc.), bailed & recycled

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General waste

Made up of materials difficult to recycle and seperate is used in a refuse derived from fuel scheme, it is burnt and its energy is fed back into the grid

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Waste Electrical

magnets remove the ferrous metals and the non-ferrous metals are removed by using electronic currents. The remaining plastic is sorted into different grades and transferred for reuse.

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Clean wood will be shredded and used as animal bedding

Dirty wood such as laminates will be burnt in bio mass boilers

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Soil & Rock

Waste is seperated and crushed or trommled, used in road aggregates and to build up ground

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Green Waste

Natural composting process is accelerated through initial processing on site including shredding & screening.

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We Recycle & Re-Use up to 95% of what we collect

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